As part of my MSc in Human Communication and Computing I had to undertake a 3 month research project. I choose as my topic Pair Programming which is essentially two people working together to produce software. This does not only involve writing the code but also initial design through to coding and testing.

The aim was not to prove that Pair Programming is a better technique than solo programming but a different approach that has strengths and weaknesses which are currently not clearly understood. My thesis aims to summarise the academic work in this area, capture current industry attitudes towards the approach, compare programming tasks carried out by an individual and then a pair and finally conclude with set of guidelines which could be followed to help the introduction of this technique into a comercial environent.


Bad Apples and Rotten Pairs - an Examination of Pair Programming


Technophobia - What is it and how can it be accommodated in the design process.

The Great Eastern Steam Ship - Lessons in Design.

Analysis of Media Texts - The assassination of JFK.